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Welcome to the Brass website.

Welcome to the Brass website.
This site is dedicated to promoting the use of ornamental brass products, and to demonstrating ways in which this classic material can improve the look of almost any home or garden.

Of course our key area is the amazing things that can be done to liven up any garden — or even interior space– with Brass Fountains, but rest assured that we also cover other ornamental brassware.

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Here are some snippets from it to whet your appetite.

“Brass Fountains

Fountains can result in a wonderful accent to your garden or patio. Putting a tabletop fountain in your home are not only going to beautify your room but in addition function as an ideal anxiety reducer. Tabletop fountains are a great way to have a water feature into your house because they occupy very modest space. It may be wise to choose a minimal fountain such as our tiered slate models that are fairly stable. There are a couple things to consider prior to purchasing a fountain in case you have pets or children. These days, garden fountains are offered in a vast array of designs, styles, patterns, and sizes. Garden wall fountains are a favorite feature and a fantastic way to put in a feeling of serenity to your yard.

Fountain bowls may be produced of many distinct materials. Moreover, every fountain is created in the USA. When you have a fountain that you’d really like to highlight so as to make it a focus for evening gatherings, or if you simply like to sit and watch your fountain sparkle with glowing lights, you are going to be able to discover plenty of different lighting options that have been designed only for fountain usage.

The birdbaths are available in assorted designs, styles and shapes. The planters are made for a long-lasting usage, and are perfect to be kept outside in sunlight, rain or dust. Our planters can withstand virtually a myriad of weather and with the right drainage, doesn’t need to get emptied in the winter.”